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Lashing chains

Lashing chains

Lashing chains are sturdy and durable metal chains used to secure loads. They are often used in conjunction with lashing straps to secure heavy loads during transportation. These chains consist of a series of links that are connected together to provide strong and reliable securing.

Lashing chains at Globus Hebetechnik

We have various lashing chains in our range, including grade 8 lashing chains and ICE lashing chains. These differed as follows:

  • Grade 8 lashing chains: only hardened steel is used in the production of GK 8 lashing chains, the grade of which must be at least a factor of eight (80 degrees).
  • ICE lashing chain: ICE lashing chains use only hardened steel,. They are 45% lighter than grade 8 lashing chains and promise greater safety.

Advantages of using lashing chains

There are several advantages to using lashing chains:

  • Safety: lashing chains ensure that your cargo stays firmly and securely in place, even under extreme conditions.
  • Reliability: these chains are known for their reliability and can withstand even long transport distances.
  • Versatility: lashing chains can be used for different types of cargo and means of Transportation.

Applications of lashing chains

Lashing chains are indispensable tools for securing loads in the transport and logistics industry. Therefore, they are mainly used in the following areas.

Road Transport

Lashing chains are indispensable in road transport. Truck drivers and freight forwarders use them to secure their cargo while driving. This significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents and damage.

Sea Transport

Lashing chains are also of great importance in sea transport. They help secure containers on ships so they can withstand even stormy waves.

Air freight

Even in air freight, lashing chains are used to secure cargo items during flight. This is particularly important to ensure the safety of passengers and Crew.

Maintenance and care of lashing chains

Regular maintenance and care is required for lashing chains to function effectively. This includes checking for cracks, breaks or wear and proper storage of the chains when not in use.

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