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Chain slings Grade 80

Grade 8 sling chains

A grade 8 sling chain is the most proven quality standard for sling chains. They consist of a round steel chain and offer the right solution for every application thanks to a variety of different connecting and suspension links. Grade 8 sling chains are characterized by their high strength and high wear resistance. Our sling chains are available in 1-strand, 2-strand and 4-strand versions. Our grade 8 sling chains offer an inexpensive alternative to our grade 10 and 12 sling chains. Other versions such as intermediate lengths etc. are also possible. Please contact us!


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Properties and standards of grade 8 sling chains

Grade 8 sling chains meet the proven quality standard and are standardized in accordance with DIN EN 818-4 and DIN EN 818-2. They are characterized by high strength, low dead weight, special joint hardening and high wear resistance. They also meet all the requirements of BGR 500 (formerly UVV VBG 9 a) and other relevant EU regulations such as the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


Areas of application for grade 8 sling chains

These sling chains are used in a wide variety of areas, such as construction, industry, towing and recovery and forestry. They are used for lifting heavy loads and goods as well as for pulling objects such as vehicles or logs.


Safety and durability of grade 8 sling chains

Due to their design and material properties, these chains offer a high level of safety. They are made of alloy steel and hardened by special heat treatment, which guarantees maximum breaking load and wear resistance. An additional surface treatment increases the corrosion resistance and therefore the service life. However, it is important that the chains are checked regularly for wear and damage to ensure safety during use. Visible damage or wear requires the chains to be replaced.


Grade 8 chain slings: variants and accessories

Grade 8 sling chains are available in different versions such as 1-strand, 2-strand, 3-strand or 4-strand models. They can also be configured as chain slings with different hook types and shortening units to meet different requirements. It is important that the load is evenly distributed across the chains to ensure safe lifting or transportation.

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