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Round slings

Round slings

Round slings, also known as hoisting slings or round sling straps, are versatile lifting and transport tools used in a wide range of industries. From industry to mountaineering, round slings provide a safe and efficient way to lift, transport and secure loads. Round slings are identified by a color specified in the European standard in your nominal load capacity. This provides you, the user, with additional security when assigning the load capacity. Round slings have a high load capacity with a low dead weight and easily adapt to the load to be lifted. We have round slings in our range that cover every lifting operation. Higher load capacities and special lengths are available upon request.

Applications of round slings

Round slings are flexible lifting equipment used in various industries and other fields for lifting and moving loads.

Lifting loads in Industry

In industry, round slings are widely used for lifting heavy machinery, construction materials and equipment. The flexibility of round slings makes it possible to lift loads even in narrow and hard-to-reach areas.

Rescue operations and mountain Sports

Round slings are an indispensable tool in rescue operations and mountain sports. They are used to secure people, create rope courses and attach equipment during climbing.

Transport and logistics

In transportation, round slings are used to safely lift and secure cargo. They are particularly useful when delicate or irregularly shaped goods need to be transported.

Tree care and agriculture

Arborists use round slings to climb trees and secure branches. In agriculture, they are used to lift heavy loads such as bales or farm equipment.

Offshore applications

In offshore applications, such as the oil and gas industry, round slings are used to move heavy loads on platforms and ships.

Advantages of using round slings

The use of round slings offers several advantages:

  • Weight distribution and surface protection: the wide surface of round slings reduces pressure on the load and protects sensitive surfaces.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: round slings can adapt to irregular shapes, which is an advantage in many situations.
  • Low dead weight: compared to traditional metal lifting equipment, round slings are lighter, which makes them easier to handle.

Safety guidelines when using round slings

To work safely with round slings, the following safety guidelines should be followed:

  • Observe load capacity marking: Know the maximum load capacity of the round sling and never exceed it.
  • Perform regular inspections: Before each use, round slings should be inspected for wear, damage or signs of wear.
  • Lift and secure loads properly: The load should be lifted safely and evenly, and it is important to secure it properly to prevent it from falling.

Maintenance and storage of round slings

To ensure the longevity of round slings, the following steps should be followed:

  •  Cleaning and drying after use: after use, round slings should be cleaned of dirt and moisture and thoroughly dried.
  • recommended storage: round slings should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight and chemicals.

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