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The Company ZARGES GmbH

The Company ZARGES GmbH was founded by Walther Zarges in 1933 and was considered the first company for lightweight aluminium construction in Europe. Five years after it was founded, ZARGES begins with mass production of aluminium ladder as the first european company. 1951 marks the beginning of the mass production of aluminium collapsible cases. Due to the increasing number of transports with trail the cases were in great demand and the dimensions of these cases have established themselves as the standard over the years. ZARGES Medical heas exist since 1998 – aleading provider for storage ans logistics of hospitals and offers advice. Organisation, equipment and service from a single source. Meanwhile it belongs to WernerCo. With its worldwide locations and more than 800 employees it meets global demand and guarantees worldwide quality and Service.

Advantages of ZARGES GmbH

All ZARGES products conform to standards and meet all requirements of the occupational health and safety law. New tests confrm the particularly stable and non-slip of ZARGES ladders whereby dangers and accidenst can be reduced dramatically. Furthermore they fulfill the conditions in Europe which the new editions of EN 131-1 + 2 confirm. ZARGES impresses with the longevity of its ladders which are continuously improved and rugged through special tests. The portfolio of ZARGES is not just limited in ladders but also of many other products!

Access from ZARGES

Working in different heights is no problem with ZARGES products. Possible articles for access are:

  • Single ladders
  • Push-up ladders
  • Rope-operated ladders
  • Stepladders
  • Multiporpose and Special ladders
  • Step Tools
  • Platforms
  • Lifts
  • Mobile scaffold towers
  • Fixed ladders
  • Shaft Equipment

Special Solutions from ZARGES

The special solutions include articles:

  • Maintenance stairs
  • Work and maintenance platforms
  • Refuelling equipment

You will find the right solution for every special project here.

Products for packaging and transports

ZARGES has many products that make packing and transporting much easier. Possible products are:  

  • K 470 Universal Box
  • Eurobox
  • ZARGES-Box
  • K 424 XC Mobil Box

You can find more ZARGES-products for packaging and transports in category storage and staging Equipment.