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RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG was founded in 1875 by Carl Rieger and Friedrich Dietz in Swabian Aalen. Since Friedrich Dietz’s departure, the company has been in the sole possession of the Rieger family who have systematically developed and expanded the organisation into today‘s internationally successfully positioned RUD family business.

Today, the RUD Group is a global player. Its main development and production facility in Aalen, offers future-oriented solutions with chain systems and components for a wide range of applications. For hoisting, moving, pulling, driving and conveying, RUD lifting means, RUD hoist chains, RUD conveyor systems are a guarantee of quality, innovation and safety.

All plants are among the most modern chain production sites, forges and machining centres on the planet. All are highly automated. The machinery parks are operated worldwide by highly skilled specialists. They process wire and steel bar diameters of 2 - 38 mm. The use of the latest, environmentally-friendly production technologies and the application of advanced Research & Development guarantee superior safety and the best quality. The high-quality standards are the same worldwide. The worldwide, digital network facilitates efficient, group-spanning teamwork, coordination and communication enabling them to be the clear Benchmark.

With RUD sling- and lashing means plus the lifting points they have introduced innovative designs that are setting the standards for the entire lifting industry. More than 600 lifting and lashing points eithen for bold-on or weld-on with a loading capacity up to 200 tons reduce handling costs and increase work safety. With a Variety of 370 VIP Sling chains and components in Grade 10, ranging from 4 mm to 28 mm and Grade 12 from 4 mm to 16 mm diameter, all lifting and lashing tasks can be solved safely. As the first chain manufacturer they have received the authority to stamp (D1-12) for the highest grade of round steel chains, from the German employer’s insurance association. The standard version with RFID transponders makes it easier to label and test components that require testing.

In „Tradition of Dynamic Innovation“, that is in the tradition of a modern and dynamically growing family organisation, the RUD Group has officially been nominated as a Hidden Champion of the 21st Century.