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What are hoists?

Hoists are devices used for lifting and moving loads. Hoists are available in manually operated, battery-operated and motor-driven versions. Lifting gear is permanently connected to the hoist. These include, for example, hooks, grabs, spreader bars, tongs or permanently connected rope and chain drives.

Where are hoists used?

Depending on the intended use, hoists are used in various designs and sizes. These include:

  • Chain and rope hoists

  • Winches

  • Elevators

  • Cranes

  • Trolleys

  • Lifting platforms

  • Lifting beams

  • Hoists

Causes of accidents during load transport with hoists

The most common causes of accidents when transporting loads with hoists include:

  • The slinging equipment has been incorrectly selected

  • The load is slung incorrectly

  • The equipment operator (for example, crane operator) has not been properly instructed

  • Hands are between the sling and the load

  • The equipment operator is standing in the danger zone (e.g. by manually guiding the load)

Protective measures for lifting equipment

To prevent accidents when transporting loads with lifting equipment, the following protective measures should be taken:

  • Suitable and intact slinging equipment must be used for slinging loads.

  • The equipment operator of hoists must be trained and instructed for this purpose.

  • Lifting equipment must be maintained in accordane with the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Lifting equipment may only be used in accordance with its intended purpose.

Our hoisting products

The category hoists contains a wide range of products that will simplify your work in your company. In addition to manually operated, battery-powered and electric hoists, you will also find hoist accessories in our online store. Our product range includes:

  • Battery operated chain hoists

  • Wire rope folding blocks

  • Pneumatic chain hoists

  • Electric chain hoists

  • Electric wire rope winches and hoists

  • Spare load chains

  • Spring hoists

  • Manual rope winches

  • Lever hoists

  • Trolleys and trolley buffers

  • Multi-Purpose Hoists and mobile wire rope hoists

  • Steel winches

  • Spur gear block and tackle hoists

  • Beam clamps

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