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Safety harness

Safety harnesses

Fall arrest harnesses are personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to prevent or arrest falls at height. They consist of sturdy harnesses and connectors that are placed around the wearer's body. These harnesses are designed to absorb energy and minimize stress on the body in the event of a fall.

Types of harnesses

There are several types of fall arrest harnesses that are selected based on their intended use and requirements. These include positioning harnesses, back support harnesses, and combination harnesses. Choosing the right harness depends on the specific work environment and requirements.

The correct use of harnesses

A safety harness alone does not ensure safety. It is critical that fall arrest harnesses are properly donned and used. This requires employee training and knowledge of best practices, as an improperly worn harness can be ineffective in an emergency.
Comfort is just as important as safety, especially when workers are working at height for hours at a time. Our modern fall arrest harnesses are designed to be ergonomically shaped and take the strain off the wearer. This reduces fatigue and increases work performance.
Some fall arrest harnesses have additional features such as pockets for tools or stowage for ropes. These features can further improve efficiency and comfort.

Areas of application of safety harnesses.

Fall arrest harnesses find application in various fields:

  • Mountaineering: In mountaineering, fall arrest harnesses are indispensable. They secure climbers in difficult places and protect against dangerous falls.
  • Industrial climbing: In industry, fall arrest harnesses are used by workers who work at great heights. They ensure safety and enable efficient work processes.
  • Rescue operations: Rescue teams rely on harnesses to retrieve injured people and protect themselves from danger.
  • Arboriculture: arborists use harnesses to work safely in the canopy and maintain trees.

Standards and certifications of fall arrest harnesses.

Fall arrest harnesses must meet strict standards and certifications to be considered safe and reliable. Fall arrest harnesses must be manufactured according to the requirements of EN 361 and tested according to EN 364. Before you purchase fall arrest harnesses, make sure they meet applicable regulations and are certified.

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