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The Company Oliveira

Oliveira is a worldwide recognized brand, part of the WireCo World Group and supplies their customers with wire rope and synthetic rope solutions. Oliveira was founded in 1825 in Portugal and continues to grow and innovate today serving fishing, marine, crane and offshore markets around the world. With about 250 employees, Oliveira continues to develop new products to meet your most demanding applications. In 2010, WireCo WorldGroup acquired Oliveira joining its family of brands which adds numerous value added products to the WireCo portfolio.

Products of Oliveira

Part of the product portfolio at GLOBUS are:

  • Oliveira DP 8 K

  • Oliveira HD 8 K

  • Oliveira HD 9 K

  • Oliveira NR Maxipact

  • Oliveira NR15 Maxilift

  • Oliveira Towerlift 15

Many of the Oliveira product variants are also available with a plastic coating on the steel insert. The rope diameter can be selected between 13 mm and 28 mm. Also the execution (lefthanded or righthanded) of the wire ropes can also be determined. Other diameters and designs can be ordered on request.

Tailor-made products for a wide variety of areas

For customers in the fishing industry who need a longer lifespan and quick response, Oliveira offers tailor-made products in stock around the world that are specially tailored to the application. On the synthetic rope market Oliveira offers a broad portfolio of proven products that do well and offer solid value. For crane users looking for good performance, Oliveira offers ropes that are above the Standards.

High Quality and safety standards for Oliveira products

Oliveira products are made in strict accordance with international quality and safety standards. With an ISO 9001 registered quality system, you can have assurance in every product you order.Oliveira produce ropes in accordance with many different national and international quality and safety standards. All manufacturing sites utilize the same corporate quality system, ensuring that the same quality processes are followed regardless of manufacturing location.

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