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SpanSet-secutex GmbH

SpanSet-secutex GmbH

The company SpanSet-secutex GmbH

In 1982, SpanSet secutex Sicherheitstechnik GmbH was founded by Heinz Franke and SpanSet GmbH. In the beginning, the company was primarily concerned with the development of protective coatings for textile lifting gear and lashing equipment, which then gave rise to secutex. The word secutex is a pseudonym for the English words "secure" and "textile", which means "safe textile". Today, secutex with its almost 70 employees looks back on a versatile range of applications and is a strong problem solver at the side of its customers in many situations.

What is secutex?

secutex is an extremely wear-resistant polyurethane, which was developed for the surface protection of sensitive materials (e.g. coil hooks and copper pipes) and for the lifting of sharp-edged components. Over the years, SpanSet-secutex GmbH has become one of the largest processors of compact polyurethane and is now the leading manufacturer of polyurethane-coated lifting straps and protective sleeves. New ideas are consistently implemented in new products at SpanSet-secutex GmbH. For example, almost all coil stores in Europe are now equipped with secutex coil mats and secutex Coilprotect. As a result, secutex protection is almost the industry standard for lifting and storing sharp-edged metal sheets.

The advantages of the products of SpanSet-secutex GmbH

All products of SpanSet-secutex GmbH are manufactured in Germany and distributed directly and worldwide via SpanSet subsidiaries and a large dealer network. Thanks to the in-house mold construction of the secutex products, it is possible for the company to design and build individual solutions for the customer. In addition, all secutex products are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

Protective products from SpanSet-secutex GmbH

The protective products from SpanSet-secutex GmbH include:

  • Collision protection and impact protection
  • Edge protection
  • Impact, sound and surface protection products
  • Zinc protection

Protective hoses from SpanSet-secutex GmbH

The protective hoses from SpanSet-secutex GmbH include articles such as:

  • Protective hoses for lifting slings
  • Protective hoses for round slings

More products from SpanSet-secutex GmbH

SpanSet-secutex GmbH has many other products for surface protection of sensitive materials. Possible products are for example:

  • Coil handling
  • Stacker traverses
  • Traverses
  • Coated lifting straps
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Wire rope edge protectors

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