Overall concept

Globus is your expert for safe lift, movement and transport.

We strive for continuous growth, the advancement and training of our employees, personalized communication with clients and partners and to stand out with customized services.


We maintain our expertise with training and continuing education as well as continued cooperation with stakeholders.


We seek to improve the flow of information by enhancing internal communications, promoting the exchange of experience, opening line of communication and the use of modern communication systems.


Regular team work, project workshops and reviews increase the flow of knowledge and ensure all expertise is utilized effectively. Training and consulting passes know-how to clients and partners.


We strive for quality of our products and services in all of our client related activities. High grade products maintain value and maximize utility and consistent traits over their service life. With a view to careful use of energy and materials quality products are the best choice.


Our goal is the long-term success of our business partners.We adapt to the needs of each task with a view to sustainability and the safety of stakeholders and materials.