Scrap Container with floor discharge - WLL 5000 kg, length 1500 mm

SKU: SC.0500.15

  • Mit Aufhängung für 4-Strang Kette.
  • Selbsttätig schließend.
  • Sehr robuste Ausführung, für Kernschrott geeignet.
  • Andere Größen möglich.
  • Interessante Mengenrabatte, größere Stückzahlen bitte anfragen


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The extra rugged design, that can also handle core waste
With the large, conventional containers, valuable housing space is used, as apart form the from the container footprint, a lorry wide corridor must be kept clear.They are simply tipped out by one of the turning points that lie beneath the center of gravity.Caution. The tilting action causes a jolt, as the rushing weight shifts.The unique feature of the newly devel-oped scrap container is the pivoting floor.The scrap container can easily be opened manually or by a rope, the two floor flap open due to the weight of the contents and the scrap fall out.After emptying, two strong springs pull the flaps up, the flaps are closed and the security hooks automatically lock the mechanism.The new scrap container is made of extra thick steel plates and is ideal for containing core waste.Custumers report an excellent durabil-ity, damages or dents are not to be seen, even in with very demanding usage.The standard waste containers are not suitable for inclusion of heavy core wasteSheet leftovers and cuttings from steel profiles dent the thin sheet in a short time.

  • With suspension for 4 strand chain
  • Self closing
  • Very robust design, suitable for core waste
  • Other sizes available
  • Attractive quantity discounts, please ask for large quantity prices

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