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RUD VIP-balancer VW 2100 kg / 6 mm

Item number: VW.25.0006

Manufacturer number: 7904366

Globus item number: 18813

EAN: 4008244314866

Working load limit 0-45° (kg) / nominal size chain (mm)

106,70 €

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VIP-Balancers will be installed into 4-leg sling assemblies (2x 2-leg), to achieve an equal load distribution to all 4 legs. The length tolerances of the single legs will be compensated. You can calculate with 4 load bearing strands if the following criteria are fulfilled (BGR 500/DGUV-Regel 100-500):

• Two 2-leg slings, therof one sling with a balancer
• Both 2-leg slings will be attached to one hook (single or double crane hook)
• Symmetrical load spreading
• Max. inclination angle ß 45°

Lifting capacity: 2100 kg
Chain diameter: 6 mm
Product weight: 0,49 Kg
Globus item number: 18813
Dimension B: 15mm
Material number: 7904366
Dimension D: 18mm
Dimension C: 14mm
Dimension T: 46mm
Dimension A: 110mm
Nominal thickness of chain: 6mm
Tragfähigkeit parallel 0-7°: 3000kg
Loading capacity 0-45°: 2100kg
Description: VW-6

Katalog VIP Ketten und Zubehör


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Katalog VIP Ketten und Zubehör