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PITCH Electric Chain Hoist

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The PITCH PF electric chain hoist incorporate latest technologies, to achieve highest performance and safety under any circumstance. Redundant overload systems offer both electronic and mechanical protection for the hoist and the supporting structure above.

Higher Durability

The PITCH PF chain hoist is build with an excellent drive system build around a sturdy and high efficiency gearbox, a high performance TENV electric motor, and an electronic speed controller. Adjustable geared limit switches for upper and lower end positions are integrated into the IP66
main control panel, together with the controller and lifetime design brake. All serviceable components, such as the patented chain guide and sprocket wheel are easily accessible.

Easiest Maintenance

A fully new designed and patented slipping clutch can withstand long time running against load without wear and tear, and is located before the brake in the load train, so the operator has full control over the load in any situation. But before the slipping clutch comes into action, overload situations while lifting a load are already detected by the electronic overload system and will switch of the speed controller and engage the spring loaded fail safe brake.

Higher Performance, better handling

The patented pairing of the Controller and the electric motor ensures optimal efficiency and full torque control over the whole speed range. The construction of the aluminum housing ensures the heat dissipation, without forced cooling applied.

Improved safety

The lifting and lowering movement is gently regulated by the inverter control. Impacts are avoided, thus protecting the hoist and suspension structure. They enjoy the full benefit of a longer service life, resulting in a beneficial reduction in operating costs.


Compact and robust

The robust aluminum-magnesium die-cast housing allows for optimal cooling of the engine, transmission and control unit during operation.


Easy replacement of chain guide and chain drive wheel without disassembling the chain hoist and without special tools.

Suitable for outdoor use

By designing the chain hoist to protection class IP66, it is both dust-tight and protected against water jets.

Cable connectors for Control cable and main power

No electrically competent person is required to connect the hoist.

Gentle Lifting and lowering

Precise load control through frequency inverter. The control unit provides optimum monitoring of the hoist in its safety devices.

Geared Limit switches

For upper and lower hook end position easily adjustable in any position. Lifting heights up to 20 metres.

Maintenance-free brake

Positioning behind the slipping clutch for maximum safety.


PITCH-PC / Push Trolley

  • For use on parallel flanged beams
  • smooth running due to special plastic wheels
  • Lateral Guiding by track rollers
  • Incl. tilt and fall protection
  • Single bolt design for optimal and easy assembly

PITCH-EC / Electric Trolley

  • Electric drive controlled by frequency inverter
  • Travel Speed up to 20 m / min

Geared limit switch and electronic control unit as Standard

Standard features


  • Single fall up to 5000 kg
  • Two fall up to 10000 kg
  • Mechanical overload device (Slipping Clutch)
  • Maintenance-free spring loaded disc brake
  • Operation temperature -20°C to +45°C
  • Housing protection through powder coating
  • Lower hook according to DIN 15400
  • European zinc plated and hardened chain (class T) according to DIN EN 818-7
  • Maximum noise Level: 70 dB
  • 3,00 m lift
  • Chain box
  • Standard suspension eye


  • Variable speed motors with preset 4:1 ratio for all frame sizes and gear ratios
  • Main motor controller including safety options
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Motor thermal protection with bi-metal switch
  • Motor insulation class H
  • All components connected by plugs
  • Low voltage control
  • Emergency stop with main contactor
  • Separate brake recifier to control the brake
  • Inverter traveling with EP or MS mode
  • Geared upper and lower limit switches
  • IP66 protection

Certifications, Standards

This product is in conformity with the relevant provisions of the Machinery Directive.

Special Designs

PITCH-K / Short design

  • Solution for particularly low headroom
  • extended top hook end Position by well thought-out chain guide
  • versions with fixed or with push or electric trolley

PITCH-S / Double hook hoist

  • Optimized handling of long and bulky loads trough synchronous lifting of two load stings
  • Distance between the two load strings can be adjusted to the working area (< 0,5 - 3 m)
  • Version with push or electric trolley


The new PITCH PF series is ideally suited for demanding Tasks and Locations.

  • Plant construction
  • Short design for low ceiling heights / low headroom / clean room
  • Wind turbines
  • Big-Bag handling
  • Machine equipment
  • Foodgrade version for food industry


  • BIG-BAG design
  • Ergonomic switch controller
  • With remote control
  • With Encoder für automated controls
  • Other versions according to customer requirements


  • Hook suspension
    • Cutted and forged top hook version
  • Eyelet suspension
    • 2 versions: standard / large eyelet
  • Two-fall version

Switch controls

  • 2 buttons
  • 4 buttons
  • remote control












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