IP10 Lifting Clamp for vertical lifting, turning and transfer, WLL 22500 kg / Jaw 5-80mm

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Manufacturer number: C2701686

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For vertical lifting, turning and transfer
  • Available in capacities of .5 thru 30 metric tons (Higher Working Load Limits are available upon request).
  • Wide variety of jaw openings available: 0 to 6.1”.
  • Welded alloy steel body for strength and smaller size. Forged alloy components, where required.
  • Individually Proof Tested to 2 times the Working Load Limit with certification
  • Company name (CrosbyIP), logo, Working Load Limit and jaw opening permanently stamped on body.
  • Each product is individually serialized, with the serial number and Proof Load test date stamped on body. User manual and test certificate included with each clampAvailable in a variety of styles:
  • IP10 - Standard clamp for materials with a surface hardness to 363HV10 (345 HB).
  • IP10J - Larger jaw opening.
  • IP10S - For use with Stainless Steel material.
  • IP10H - For use with materials with a surface hardness to 472HV10 (450 HB).
  • Full 180° turning range for material transfer, turning or moving.
  • Lock open, lock closed ability with latch for pretension on material and then release of material.
  • Optional IP-5000 Stinger assembly available (see page 428). Allows for easy connection between the clamp and hoist hook.
  • For plate surface hardness till 279HV10, only 5% min. WLL is needed.Maintenance and repair kits are available.
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001 facility.
  • All sizes are RFID EQUIPPED.
  • Minimum WLL is 5% of maximum WLL for .5t IP10 only.
  • Minimum WLL is 10% of maximum WLL for all other IP10, IP10J, IP10S, IP10H clamps.

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