Gotcha 100


Manufacturer number: D015602

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The GOTCHA Basic contains a pulley that you can safely attach to any structure with the round sling. The Anchor point can thus be placed above, but also below your own position. Do not take a risk: you do not have to climb all the way down to the casualty! Instead, use the light.weight and stable telescopic rod made of carbon fibre. Use the rod to clip the special snap lock ("frog") into a fall arrest attachment of the casualty´s harness. This allows you to always carry out the rescue on your own. After that, you can raise or lower the person to a point of safety. You can also rescue persons who are suspended in vertical ladder systems in this way. The GOTCHA system is available with ropse in various lenghts that enable an effective descending height of up to 68 m (high anchor point, 200 m rope).

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