ICE-H-Connector IH 800 kg / 4 mm

SKU: ICE.HC.04.0

Manufacturer number: 7906659

GTIN: 4008244322861

Working load limit (kg) / nominal size chain (mm) 

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• Fast, easy and economical endless-making of endless chains
• Pitch of the H-Connector analogue Chain pitch
• Compacter and easier to handle than conventional chain locks
• Heat-treated body, therefore more wear resistant
• Economically formed
• Enhanced slide over corners
• Very jointed: adapts to the chain as well as to the component
• ICE-Chain connector IH is marked by the RUD-ID-TAG® (RFID chip) and with the clear identification number distinguished.

Lifting capacity:
Chain diameter:
Item weight:
0,04 kg
Loading capacity (kg):
Dimension B:
Dimension T:
Dimension A:
Nominal thickness of chain:
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