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Grummet Type G4 with steel core (WSC), cable laid, galvanised 66 mm, Lenghth 8,00 m

Item number: ASG4.66.08

Globus item number: 24691

Other lengths available - Feel free to contact us!
Rope-Ø with contruction 7 (6x36 M-FC) (mm)
Scope (m)

Price on application

Type G4 / 1960 N/mm² rope construction EN 12385-4; Grummets should be used in pairs; Red marked lock may only be exposed to free traction; The rope must not be twisted when slinging load; Continuous visual checks are necessary; Nominal strength min. 190 N/mm²

Grommet diameter: 66 mm
Lifting capacity knotted: 60,0 t
Lifting capacity single vertical: 75,0 t
Globus item number: 24691
MI BK: 4065kN
Corded: 60,0t
Vertical Single load capacity: 75,0t
Rope-Ø in construction 7 (6x36 WS-WC): 66mm
Min. range: 4,00m

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Betriebsanleitung - Grummets