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DowelPlate system VAS2

Item number: VAS2

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A smart plate follows the form

It looks quite simple: Doweling the crane foot directly onto the floor and that's it. But in reality this fastening technique requires a sound know-how. For more than 20 years, we have devoted ourselves to this topic. Already some years ago, our proven DowelPlate-System was patented and we have been mass-producing it ever since.

Column-mounted slewing jib cranes can be doweld directly to the floor using the patented DowelPlate-system. This system replaces the conventional fixing methods that use foundation and anchor bolts.

In order to ensure safe anchoring, the dynamic stress on cranes needs to be calculated correctly. Factors such as distance between dowels, usage and correct sizing of the DowelPlate, depth of bore holes, type of dowels, and even the assembly itself have to be taken into account when calculating the force applied to the hall floor. The latter has to comply with specified requirements, too: Reinforced or plain concrete floor / ceiling (C20/25 or B25 acc. to DIN 1045) with a minimum thickness of 190 mm (without screed). Although our DowelPlate has a special frame to prevent swinging, the ground needs to be sufficiently even.


  • No time-consuming foundation works
  • Dowelling directly onto hall floor*
  • NEW: Quick and easy alignment of the DowelPlate thanks to integrated levelling bolts.
  • NEW: Faster levelling of ground irregularities thanks to defined, elastic supporting surface of VETTER levelling buffers – no time-consuming alignment. The buffer elements are filled with fast-curing special mortar to ensure uniform pressure load and immediate commissioning.
  • Immediate commissioning
  • Easy disassembly: Relocation of installed crane systems is much easier now. Removal of crane possible without any damage, no destruction of hall floor which is especially important for rented or leased halls.
  • Flat DowelPlate
  • Intergrated, countersunk screw connections
  • No risk of tripping thanks to flat surfaces and round design
  • No grouting of the plate necessary
  • Slewing jib crane screwed directly onto the DowelPlate
  • Clearly presented assembly kit: All required components are packed in a well-structured way and contribute to a quick and easy assembly.

Scope of delivery

  • Round, screw on DowelPlate with with counter drillings for dowels (no protruding screw heads, no tripping hazards) and with threaded drillings for crane fixing and alignment screws.
  • Dynamic-chemical anchors FHB dyn including washers, nuts, safety nuts, cover caps and injection mortar.
  • Fixing screws for connection of crane column and special foot plate
  • Alignment screws for alignement of the crane
  • VAS2 pad with integrated VETTER cushions for compensation of uneven floors up to max. 15 mm difference in height.
  • Cartridges with special injection mortar for filling the cushions
  • Detailed mounting and assembling instruction for the VETTER-Safety-DowelPlate-System VAS2


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