secutex SPL-F flat-impact protection with perforated insert- width 200 mm, thickness 30 mm

SKU: LF.30.200.0

Max. lenght apiece: 3,00 Meter
More dimensions on request!
Width (mm) 
Thickness (mm) 

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secutex flat impact protection is a highly wear-resistant polyurethane elastomer, 75 ° -80 ° Shore A, with a molded perfo-rated shet insert.The special benefit of this combination is that it serves as a reinforcement of the elastic secutex material, therefore it can not expand in the longitudinal or trans-verse direction. It can easily be fixed on by screws, rivets or nails.

• Very noise absorbing - reduction of sound reverberations
• Highly slip-resistant - preventing the load from slipping off
• Extremely wear and tear resistant - longer life
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