secutex Round material gripper ST-74-25-02, WLL 2500 kg, grab range 60-250 mm

SKU: ST.74.25.02

Globus item number: 25401

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Round material gripper

Round material gripper, round materials lifted gently

Round material gripper for the horizontal transport of round material and pipes. The robust lever construction generates a load-dependent clamping force. The load must be pressure-stable.


– With suspension for single hooks according to DIN 15401

– Robust gripping shells for gentle transport of the load

– Safe grip thanks to guaranteed 3-point contact of the gripping arms

– Open lever, self-locking, with extra large handle

– Additional swivel reinforcement for longer durability

– Clamping protection for fingers

– Galvanised / painted

As an option:

– Gripping range according to individual requirements

– Extra wide gripping shells suitable for long material

Item weight:
58,00 kg
Loading capacity (kg):
Globus item number:
Gripping area A:
60 - 250mm
Eye Ø W:
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