Steel winch, Standard execution with a self-locking security crank, lift force 1500 kg

SKU: SW.ST.015.S

Manufacturer number: 101.015-0350

Globus item number: 16150

Lift force (kg) 
crank lever 

379,50 €

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The steel winches according to DIN 7355 posses a lifting housing, the teeth kegs are slopped.With a self-locking security crank (Siku) or pressure roller crank (DSK) the load is held securely at any height.Folding handle.For working in confined areas, also available with safety the safety crank ratchet (Raku).

  • Mass production, therefore low prices
  • Parts according to DIN standard of high quality
  • Short delivery times
  • All parts are quickly and easily inter-changeable

Item weight:
13,00 kg
Globus item number:
with safety crank
Stroke height:
Stroke power:
Construction height:
Claw height in deep position (mm):
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