SpanSet VarioWeb 4-legs multi-leg sling - 4200 kg with joker hook / 4 legs may be shortened, length 4,00 m

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Manufacturer number: D010464

Working load limit 0-45° (kg) 
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Length (m) 

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  • Continuously adjustable multi-leg slings
  • Lifting of asymmetrical loads
  • Particulary robust: forged fittings protect the strap from wear thanks to an intelligent design
  • Replacement of parts based on the modular principle
  • Identification with a plaque

A common problem: The centre of gravity of a load is not in the centre and the lifting gear has the wrong length. All you need now is lifting gear with an adjustable length in order to lift the load in „balance“ – VarioWeb.

Continuously adjust strap lengths

VarioWeb is ideal for lifting asymmetrical loads:The individual legs of the multi-leg slings are fittedwith shortening elements. Thanks to the intelligentmechanics, the individual legs can be continuously adjusted. In this way you can optimally balance any load and ensure an even transmission of forces.The maintenance of the VarioWeb system is very economical and flexible. Thanks to the modulardesign, only the defective parts have to be replaced.

Adjustable and safe

The VarioWeb elements are drop-forged of speci-al-quality steel and are very robust. They have no burrs and no edges that can damage the strap and are shaped such that the straps have full contact with the load. This minimises the wear on the edge and considerably extends the service life of your lifting gear. The load capacity indicator, identified by the colour of the strap in accordance with DIN EN 1492-1, precludes mix-ups. Of course we manu-facture the VarioWeb fittings precisely according to your wishes and deliver them fully assembled.

Lifting capacity:
Fitting components:
1xKRR · 4xVW · 4xTA · 4xVB · 4xASH
L1 min.:
Effective length L1:
Weigth 1. m:
Nominal carrying capacity:
May be shortened up to:
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