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SpanSet Multi-leg sling RSG 4-legs-16800 kg with safety load hook, length 2,00 m

Item number: E4.LS16.02

Manufacturer number: D062900

Globus item number: 23750

Intermediate lenght available on request!
Working load limit 0-45° (kg)
Length (m)

1.920,40 €

Excluding 19% VAT. , no shipping costs

Shipping time: 10 workdays

  • Optional fitting with an RFID transponder
  • Ideal in combination with attachment points
  • Particulary robust: forged fittings protect the round sling from wear thanks to an intelligent design
  • Replacement of parts based on the modular principle
  • Identification with a plaque

If you want to lift particularly bulky or valuable loads, you want to have full control over their position – at all times. The 4-leg round sling offers you precisely that. Four round slings in SpanSet quality, each at a precisely defined length, make symmetrical lifting easier than ever before. The suspension of the load from four attachment points ensures that the load can tilt neither in the longitudinal nor in the transverse direction. At an angle below 45° you can achieve a load capacity of up to 63 t.

Modular system saves costs

All fittings of the multi-leg round slings are manu-factured using grade 8 and 10 robust steel. Based on the tried-and-tested modular system, you can replace each part of the multi-leg round sling in-dividually – whether it‘s a round sling or a fitting. This significantly reduces your maintenance costs.

Lifting capacity 0-45°: 16800 kg
Lifting capacity 45-60°: 12000 kg
Globus item number: 23750
Fitting components: "1xKRR 17,0
L1 min.: 1,000m
Weigth running meter: 7,2kg
Effective length L1: 2m
Weigth 1. m: 46,3kg
L1 max.: 20m
Nominal carrying capacity: 16800kg
Loading capacity (WLL) up to 60°: 12000kg
Loading capacity (WLL) up to 45°: 16800kg
Description: RSG-4-16800 LS/KE
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