SpanSet ErgoABS pull-down ratchet lashing strap LC 2500 daN, STF 350 daN, length 8,00 m

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  • Serial production with pre-load tension display TFI, and therefore max. reachable and readable direct pre-load tension of 750 daN
  • Step wise release of pre-load tension enables controlled release
  • Self-securing ratchet lever
  • Ratchet lashing belt according to DIN EN 12195-2

For the securing of heavy loads in everday life you won't only need belts which you can rely on. You will need a solution which makes your work easier and the control and safety quicker and easier. Our pulling ratchets are the perfect support for you.

Longer lever, back-friendly tensioning

You can reach even high pre-load tensioning with the extended lever with using only little muscle power. Due to the fact that pulling ratchets always pull down instead of up they are more back-friendly already. With the extra long lever they fit ergonomic needs even better.

Tension Force Indicator

With the patented TFI you can easily and quickly account for the applied pre-tension force in the system. If the jaws of the TFI are fully closed it indicates the max. pre-load tension force of 750 daN. Interim values are also readable.

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