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RUD VIP-overcharge-link VCG, single 1500 kg / 6 mm

Item number: VCG.VIP.06

Manufacturer number: 7987623

Globus item number: 30326

EAN: 4008244384388

Working load limit (kg) / nominal size chain (mm)

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The side of the VCG with the inscription of the Target dimensions "soll...mm " should face the front. When fitting the VCG - cotrol link, it has to first of all be mounted on to the bracket of the coupling link then on to the third link of the VIP chain. Use only original RUD components. The assembly should be realised with a bypass connection.

Lifting capacity: 1500 kg
Chain diameter: 6 mm
Product weight: 0,06 Kg
Loading capacity (kg): 1500kg
Globus item number: 30326
Material number: 7987623
Dimension T: 36mm
Nominal thickness of chain: 6mm
Dimension Soll: 4mm

Katalog VIP Ketten und Zubehör

Produktinfo VCG

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Katalog VIP Ketten und Zubehör

Produktinfo VCG