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RUD ICE 4-leg sling chain with safety ICE-star hook 1700 kg / 4 mm, length 5,00 m

Item number: ICE.M4.4.05

Globus item number: 34682

Intermediate length available - feel free to contact us!
Working load limit 0-45° (kg) / size (mm)
Length (m)

497,80 €

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More load bearing capacity with lower weight. The sling chain generation 12-ICE offers up to 60 % more load bearing capacity as compared to a grade-8-chain with identical nominal thickness. Com-pared to a grade10-chain this is still an advantage of up to 25%. Thus, using a 12-ICE-chain you’ll get the load bearing capacity of a grade-8-chain, however with less nominal thickness.

Hard-wearing up to - 60°C Chain gene-ration 12-ICE is has its special field of operation in polar and arctic zones at ex-tremely low temperatures down to -60°C. The 12-ICE chain achieves this by sen-sational improvements in the patented steel, including completely new options without negative influence.
  • Enormously high breaking strain
  • Optimal cryo-tenacity
  • Optimum brittle fracture transition temperature
  • Highest fatigue strength with minimum of 20.000 load changes with 50% overload relative to nominal load bearing capacity
  • As unsusceptible to hydrogen embrittlement as grade 8
  • Low deadweight
  • Ecosensitive
  • Avoids health impairment due to excessive heavy lifting
  • Markedly less material
  • Better handling due to Lightweight design

Lifting capacity 0-45°: 1700 kg
Lifting capacity 45-60°: 1180 kg
Chain diameter: 4 mm
Globus item number: 34682

Katalog ICE Ketten und Zubehör


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Katalog ICE Ketten und Zubehör