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RUD Eye Plate-threaded VRBG-10t

Item number: VRB.G.10.22

Manufacturer number: 7994537

Globus item number: 27690

EAN: 4008244294137

Working load limit (kg)

179,40 €

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  • Full load in 90° according to ring plane
  • Part-protecting application of force through several fixtures
  • Working Load Limit up to 16 t

RUD Eye Plate-threaded VRBG-10t RUD Eye Plate-threaded VRBG-10t
Connection type: boltable - metric
Lifting capacity: 10000 kg
Product weight: 5,40 Kg
Dimension E ± 0,5 (mm): 143
Dimension F ± 0,5 (mm): 78
Dimension G (min) [mm]: 8
Dimension H H12 (mm): 30
Loading capacity (kg): 10000
Globus item number: 27690
Dimension N (mm): 100
Dimension M (mm): M20
Dimension L (mm): 213
Dimension T (mm): 103
Clamping torque (Nm): 300
Dimension K (mm): 43
Dimension J: 50mm
Dimension A (mm): 125
Dimension B (mm): 22
Dimension C (mm): 6
Dimension D (mm): 65
Dimension B: 22mm
Dimension L: 213mm
Dimension J (mm): 50
Material number: 7994537
Dimension F: 78mm
Dimension E: 143mm
Dimension D: 65mm
Dimension G min.: 8mm
Dimension H H12: 30mm
Dimension C: 6mm
Dimension M: 20mm
Dimension A: 125mm
Dimension K: 43mm
Dimension N: 100mm
Clamping torque: 300Nm
Description: VRBG-10
Screw: 4x M20x70

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