Oliveira NR15 Maxilift PPI, galvanized, ordinary lay, 1960N/mm², 16 mm right hand sZ

SKU: OLV.NR15.PPI.0000.012

More diameters and formats on request.
Nominal Diameter (mm) 
left hand / right hand 

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For all the most severe hoist applications, in-tensive use, corrosive environment ... Traditional applications like mobile cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes. Offshore cranes, deck cranes, cargo cranes, foundation cranes (Kelly cranes), harbor cranes., Temperature range of use for option PPI: -50°C to +80°C, Option PPI - only available for diameter > 13 mm, Available in ordinary lay and Lang‘s lay, Available in right hand and left hand

Rough length mass kg/m:
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