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ICE-Special master link one strand ISAK-RG1 1800 kg / 6 mm, 140 mm

Item number: ISA.1.14.06

Manufacturer number: 7903182

Globus item number: 29923

EAN: 4008244290948

Working load limit (kg) / nominal size chain (mm)
Width inside (mm)

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ISAK-RG single leg sling with an all direction movable welded IRG connector. Thus ensuring that only the correct chain diameter and number of legs can be connected. Complete identification tag witn an integrated testing gauge. Pre-assembled connecting bolt and tensioning sleeve. Manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1677-4. Owing to a larger gradation of the inner width >> B of the ISAK-RG, improper use (BGR 500/DGUV-Regel 100-500, Kap. 2.8) is almost eliminated and wear of the crane hook is minimised. Additional connective components for over size hooks are not necessary. ISAK-RG - size B = 140 suitable for hooks up to no. 16 DIN 15401. ICE-Master link is marked by the RUD-ID-TAG (RFID chip) and with the clear identification number distinguished.

Lifting capacity: 1800 kg
Chain diameter: 6 mm
Product weight: 2,29 Kg
Loading capacity (kg): 1800kg
Globus item number: 29923
Dimension B: 140mm
Dimension F: 70mm
Dimension E: 34mm
Dimension D: 13mm
Dimension C: 260mm
Dimension T: 365mm
Dimension A: 18mm
Nominal thickness of chain: 6mm

Katalog ICE Ketten und Zubehör


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Katalog ICE Ketten und Zubehör