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HCG30010, 341 ton Capacity, 9.84 in Stroke, Single-Acting, High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinder

Item number: HCG30010

Manufacturer number: HCG30010

Capacity class (t)
Stroke (mm)

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  • Hardened surface resists side-loading and cyclic wear
  • 10% side-load resistance over full stroke
  • Stop-ring to prevent plunger blow-out
  • Weather protected, inside and out
  • Upper and lower replaceable bearings enclose the cylinder plunger for support throughout the stroke
  • Certified lifting eyes, base mounting holes and collar threads

Return type: Single-Acting
Product weight: 254,00 Kg
Model number: HCG30010
Cylinder capacity (t): 300
Construction height retracted (mm): 496
Construction height extended (mm): 746
Oil capacity (cm³): 10843
Stroke (mm): 250
Zylinderkapazität (t): 300
Outer diameter (mm): 305
Cylinder Effective Area (cm2): 433,7
Modellnummer: HCG30010

Katalog Industriewerkzeuge E329e

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Katalog Industriewerkzeuge E329e