Gantry crane P 500 OLYMPIA, loading capacity 2000 kg, length 2,00 m

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The two-rail gantry P500 OLYMPIA® is the perfect choice for production halls which cannot support the weight of an overhead crane.

Using the crane P500 OLYMPIA®, you are able to lift maximum loads of 10,000 kg effortlessly and link workplaces with one another. Thanks to the low-profile design of the crane, you can benefit from the overall hall height while achieving maximum lifting heights. The two-rail gantry enables use of several overhead cranes in the system so that one hoist is available per workstation.The static load of the hall structure is not affected because the crane stands on its own feet and no additional costs for bracing are incurred.

The overhead crane is motor-driven and its smooth starting and braking behaviour provides for increased ease of use. The two-rail gantry P500 OLYMPIA® perfectly meets your requirements for indoor and outdoor use since its support height and crane rail length / width can be adjusted individually and it can be extended by combination of several fields.

Regarding fastening options, you can make your individual choice from comfortable doweling on concrete floor or fastening on foundation using anchors.


  • Low profile permits utilization of entire hall height
  • Large effective lifting height
  • Subsequent installation in halls which cannot support the weight of an overhead crane
  • Static load of hall is not affected
  • Ideally suited for linking several workplaces
  • Use of several overhead cranes possible
  • Variable maximum crane rail length by combination of several fields
  • Small footprint
  • Support height and crane rail length / width can be adjusted to conditions on the spot
  • Outdoor use possible
  • High ease of use thanks to smooth starting and braking behaviour of overhead crane
  • Broad range of fastening options provides for convenient installation
  • High-quality coating

Technical information

  • Gantry crane system
  • Type designation: P500 OLYMPIA®
  • Capacity: 1,000 to 10,000 kg
  • Field length: 4,000 to 10,000 mm (Unlimited max. crane rail length through combination of several fields)
  • Width: 4,000 to 15,000 mm
  • EN 15011 hoisting class: HC2
  • EN 15011 stability class: S3
  • Installation location: Indoor / outdoor
  • Crane drive: Electrical
  • Hoist: Chain hoist / wire rope hoist

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